Shipment Schedule of Statue of Equality

Sri Bhagavad Ramanuja Aacharya in the form of ‘Statue of Equality‘ is now about to reach Bharath, He is near by Chennai and is expected to reach JIVA asram in Sri Ram Nagar,Muchinthal,Hyderabad. How fortunate is this land and all of us who will soon have HIS darsan.

S.NoDescriptionDate Of Shipping
First batch36 Elephants (includes all the bells)15th November 2016
Second batchCircular wall behind the elephants and the 2th floor of lotus petals25th November 2016
Third batchThe 1st and 3rd floor of lotus petals2nd December 2016
Fourth batch(1‐3) level of body parts of arms and feet9th December 2016
Fifth batch(4‐5) level of body16th December 2016
Sixth batch(6‐8) level of body and the rest arm parts5th March 2017
Seventh batch(9-10) level of body hands ,
4 bracelets,
18 chakram,
18 shankam and
240 tulasi
5th April 2017
Eighth batch(11-12) level of body , Upper plane of lotus petals5th May 2017
Ninth batch(13-17) level of face, Shatagopam and flagpole5th June 2017

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