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Statue of Equality
It’s hard to live a positive life with a negative mind. Take a moment to list 5 things you are grateful for. #MomentofMindfulness #StatueOfEquality
Statue of Equality
Did you know: 1 in 8 disadvantaged children in the UK don’t own a single book. What do you think should be done to combat this statistic? #StatueofEquality Read more here:...
Statue of Equality
Studies suggest that we should see rates of education increasing as the world develops! By 2050, all but 5 countries are likely to have a growth rate for education. #StatueofEquality Read more at:
Statue of Equality
As the seasons go by, leaves change and fall only to grow again. We too, change and must fall in order to grow stronger. #MomentofMindfulness #StatueOfEquality
Statue of Equality
Statue of Equality
The Global Financing Facility (GFF) has just raised over $1 billion to improve the lives of women in dozens of low and middle income countries! #StatueofEquality Read more at:...
Statue of Equality
Feeling overwhelmed? Take time to step away and view the problem or task in a new perspective. You may find your solution is within reach. #MomentofMindfulness#StatueOfEquality

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