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Run For Equality – Hyderabad Marathon

Running together is a great way to express our support for noble causes.

This Hyderabad marathon shall we all run for ” EQUALITY “!

This year the opening of a monumental and an Iconic “Statue of Equality” – gigantic 216 ft Metalic statue of Sri Ramanuja, India’s earliest hero who stood for “Equality of all” is going to put our Hyderabad on global platform for yet another reason.

Please express your support for “Equality of all” by running with us in the upcoming Hyderabad marathon. Your support counts a lot in establishing universal brotherhood.

We honor your gesture to support this noble cause by giving you free goodies including a sports T-Shirt, free professionally shot photos of your run and free entry to the grand opening ceremony of the “Statue of Equality” amidst of leaders, celebs and international delegates !

Last date for marathon registration is 31st July 2016.