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The virtues of Sri Ramanuja need to be made a reality to succeed in eliminating the disparities based on birth. It is a common cause for every single person professing the desire in creating a society of servitude. The inauguration of the statue would psychologically instill hope and liberate every spirit belonging to the extended community. A contribution to this cause becomes a contribution to the social reawakening among the universal brotherhood. It also strengthens the patriotism lying deep within us.

There are many vulnerable hearts that can fall for false beliefs. With the guiding spirit of Sri Ramanuja the gullible minds have to be saved-one of the causes for which he assiduously worked throughout his life.

We need to create an intellectual repository of precious works orientation and emphasis on our ancient traditions. Most of the ground-breaking scripts containing advanced discoveries and panacea for problems faced by people were either vandalized or lost over centuries. The project would be a leitmotif for revitalizing and presenting the hidden treasures of knowledge to the public domain.

It is an established fact that Vedic civilization was far ahead of the rest of the world. Sri Ramanuja’s project would serve as a springboard in bringing back the prosperity of the people and the profound knowledge of those times. A million minds can spring life into the project for a saint who dedicated his entire life the cause of humanity. A million hands can joins together in creating a millennial feat for one of the greatest sages of the millennium.

 It would be a blessing for eternity to take part in this magnificent mission of spiritual significance. Let us create history in this digital age by joining hands in creating this STATUE OF EQUALITY for the coming generations.