Samatha Yatra (Car Rally)

Car rally starts at 02:00PM on 30/04/2017 from Necklace road People’s Plaza and ends at People’s Plaza. After the rally, few guest speakers will be invited to give their message on the occasion of Sahasrabdi.

A Journey filled with the spirit of Equality – Let us all take part with Enthusiasm, Devotion, Energy and Love to celebrate the millennium birth year of Bhagavad Ramanuja Aacharya !

About Ramanujacharya:

   Made temple authorities to allow oppressed and downtrodden people into temples.

   Explained very categorically that the Creator of World is impartial, He never rejects any one and provided all with NARAYANA MANTHRA.

   Propounded a theory that one gets honor not by caste but based on his spiritual knowledge and practice only. Said that he is prepared to go to hell even if the  World gets rid of pains and sins on account of him.

   Proved that the weakness of persons if properly treated than abusing them , then those persons only will become the strong foundations for a right    society……………….

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